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IT Remarketing & Liquidation

When it comes to volumes of unwanted tech devices eligible for resale, our IT asset disposition service can reclaim the highest value for your commercial establishment.

Cash for used technology

Reclaimation Before Depreciation 

Off-set upgrade and operating costs

Although unwanted IT assets may no longer meet your establishment's needs or expectations, it does not necessarily mean they cannot be utilized by other individuals. In fact, there's a good chance some or most of your unwanted tech may still have value which could be returned back to your establishment.


At Teksentrik, we can recover value from your company's unwanted IT assets before depreciation. With cash freed up, you can meet payroll, pay outstanding bills, recoup money for new IT upgrades, buy new amenities for your workplace or even give out employee bonuses. The reinvestment possibilities are endless.

How We Recover Cash For Your Establishment

Cash in quick or reclaim maximum value

Depending on your establishment's preference, we can reclaim cash from your unwanted IT assets in one of two ways: liquidation to recover funds quickly, or long-term consignment agreements to reclaim more cash over time.

With liquidation, we can offer straight up cash for eligible inventory. This method is perfect for establishments who are in situations where they are closing operations, are in urgent need for capital, or wish to just have no further attachment to old assets.

As for consignment, we  remove, store, and remarket your unwanted IT assets for your establishment over a several month period. The consignment method creates a more strategic and patient approach to reselling assets, allowing your establishment to reclaim up to 15%-25% more in value compared to liquidation. This method is perfect those looking to recoup the most value they can or who are upgrading/decommissioning devices on a frequent basis. 

Get Started Recovering Cash Today

Give us a call or email us

Have unwanted IT inventory you'd like to into cash in? Contact us with a list via email, fill out our contact form, or give us a call. We'll be more than happy to evaluate your IT inventory and address any questions or concerns about the process. Even if we can't compensate or consign your inventory, we can recycle uneligible items affordably or possibly at no charge. Our process is fast, secure, and eco-friendly.

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