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Data & Device Sanitization

Data breaches can be costly. Having proper and efficient sanitization practices conducted on unwanted tech devices prevents data leaks and preserves consumer and company privacy.

Shredding Hard Drives

Abandoned Devices Can Be Compromised

Unwanted tech can put your privacy at risk

If you have decommissioned data devices lying around your home, office, or facilities, chances are they contain private data that can be exposed to opportunists. This is why it is best to have these items processed and recycled by a trusted vendor dedicated to proper data device sanitization practices.At Teskentrik, prioritize the necessarry measures in securing and sanitizing sensitive data devices to ensure consumer and company privacy.

We Subject All Devices To Full Sanitization

All incoming inventory is thoroughly wiped

As the very first step, every data device we acquire is subjected to logical sanitization after they arrive at our facility. This is completed regardless of request and FREE of charge. We use state-of-the-art software that renders data on storage devices virtually unrecoverable, in line with the highest industry standards. In addition to wiping data, it also creates a digital certificate of destruction which establishes proof that sanitization has occurred; if required. This service guarantees peace of mind for our clients, knowing that their confidential data has been completely wiped from all devices before they are remarketed.

Addittionally, we take a step further by removing any reference labels, ownership/asset tags, and system configurations/settings leftover on devices leaving no traces of previous ownership.

Solutions For Highly Sensitive Use Cases

Physical destruction for an extra piece of mind

For data devices that were operated for more sensitive use cases, we can physically destroy them using specialized tools and machinery for an extra fee. This procedure leaves data permanently unrecoverable. It is recommended for devices that store or process confidential data including healthcare, financial, and other higily senstive information. Once all devices are destroyed, a certificate of destruction is created featuring the make, model, and serial number of each device.

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