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End-Of-Life Technology Solutions

Technology disposition is our specialty.


We are the go-to IT asset disposition specialists serving residential commercial, educational, healthcare, and government establishments in the greater Philadelphia, PA area.

Introducing our convenient e-cycling drop-off service, where you can responsibly dispose of your business's  electronic waste hassle-free. We accept most items free of charge, making it easy for you to clear out unwanted electronics cluttering your space. 

We also offer convenient e-cycling pick-up service, designed to make disposing of your electronic waste as effortless as possible. Simply schedule a pick-up time that suits your needs, and we come directly to your location to collect your unwanted electronics. 

We can return cash back to your company from unwanted IT assets that are leftover from device upgrades, facility closings, downsizing operations, and other changes in business structure. There are two options we offer when it comes to asset recovery: liquidation for a quick payout, or consignment for a higher payout over a longer term. Our liquidation payouts are competitive while our consignment services will maximum returns by allowing us to actively remarket your inventory.

Data is one of the most valuable assets of any business, and protecting it is crucial. However, when it comes to disposing of old IT equipment, simply deleting files or formatting a hard drive is not enough to ensure data security. This is where proper data sanitization and destruction practices come into play. By utilizing Teksentrik, you can be sure that your sensitive data will be securely processed and thoroughly removed from all devices. This helps to reduce the risk of data breaches and ensure that confidential information remains private. 

Decommissioning numerous devices in a establishment's infrastructure can be very time consuming. It can be even more of a cumbersome process if your IT department is short staffed or engaged in other infrastructure issues. To aleivate this burden We assist in disassembly and removal of your unwanted. Flexible scheduling including nights and weekends is available to reduce interference with operations. We'll even clean up the leftover debris.

When it comes time to refresh your establishment's devices, look no further. In addition to decom assistance, we can assist in setting up your establishment's new devices. We can do it all: unpackaging, device placement, cable runs, initial configurations and debris clean-up all at your direction. Similar to decom assistance, we offer flexible scheduling options including nights and weeks to help minimize operational downtime. 

Why Choose Teksentrik?

From ethical disposal to cost-effective e-cycling, there are quite a few reasons why you should choose Teksentrik when to it comes to EOL and unwanted technology disposition.



We ensure that every device we collect is recycled responsibly, with a focus on promoting reuse and minimizing environmental impact.



From the moment we collect your electronic devices, we prioritize data protection with rigorous security measures in place.



We can reclaim cash or off-set upgrade costs for your establishment and provide affordable e-cycling options for the community at-large.



Our recycling services are meant to be time-saving, allowing you to resume business operations or dispose of e-waste technology quickly.

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