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Providing sustainable, secure, and affordable solutions for our clients.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around a commitment to sustainability, security, and affordability. We prioritize promoting reuse through e-cycling, ensuring that electronic devices are repurposed whenever possible to minimize the impact of electronic waste. At the core of our values is the protection of client data, implementing rigorous measures to safeguard sensitive information throughout the e-cycling process.

We believe in responsible e-cycling practices, adhering to industry standards and regulations to ethically dispose of electronic waste while minimizing harm to the environment. Moreover, we strive to return value to our commercial clients by offering monetary incentives for volumes of eligible devices, incentivizing participation in our e-cycling program.

Our goal is to make e-cycling accessible to all, offering affordable disposal solutions that empower individuals and businesses to responsibly manage their electronic waste without financial strain. By embodying these principles, we aim to create a more sustainable future while delivering tangible benefits to our clients and the planet.

Obsolete desktop computer towers
Stacks of old laptops and laptop parts
E-waste ready for recycling pickup

Our Journey

Founded in 2015, the idea to create Teksentrik began as a passion project, born from a hobby of purchasing broken laptops for refurbishment. What started as a simple endeavor soon evolved into a mission-driven company dedicated to providing top-notch e-cycling services.

Our journey is defined by innovation and dedication to environmental responsibility. As we evolved, we recognized the pressing need for proper disposal of electronic waste and made it our mission to lead the charge. Today, Teksentrik stands at the forefront of the e-cycling movement, offering comprehensive solutions that prioritize sustainability and data security.

What sets us apart from competitors is our holistic approach to e-cycling. Unlike traditional disposal methods, we focus on promoting reuse and extending the lifespan of electronic devices whenever feasible. This commitment not only reduces environmental impact but also provides tangible benefits to our clients, such as cost savings and enhanced corporate social responsibility.

Moreover, Teksentrik is uniquely positioned to assist commercial establishments in offsetting the costs and time associated with disposal and upgrades. Through tailored solutions and strategic partnerships, we streamline the e-cycling process, allowing businesses to efficiently manage their electronic waste while maximizing value and minimizing disruption.

At Teksentrik, we're not just a service provider – we're a catalyst for change in the technology industry. Join us as we pave the way towards a more sustainable future, one device at a time.

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