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Installing a new workstation

Old Device Decommission & New Device Installation

Technology is always evolving, leading to constant turnover of devices and IT equipment. Even for the smallest of establishments, it is important to consider having a sustainable and secure plan in place when it comes to upgrading to new tech while removing and disposing of your end-of-life technology. Teksentrik, has you covered.

Efficient Tech Turnover From Start To Finish

Time to refresh your establishment's tech? From begining to end, our IT decommission and new device setup service efficiently manages the arduous transition between old and new technology. Not only can we breakdown and haul away quantities of your unwanted IT assets, we also can unpack, setup, connect, and initialize quantities of your new devices at your instruction.

Our Decommission/Installation services include the following:



secure transport

secure & sustainable e-cycling



initial configuration/settings

debris/waste clean-up

Refreshing Your IT Assets With Us Is Beneficial

Save Time

Dealing with technology turnover can be very time-consuming. Our sole focus is decommissioning your old tech while deploying new tech in a timely fashion.

Minimize Downtime

Our service schedule is super flexible, permitting your establishment to have these tasks completed during off hours including nights and weekends.

Keep Staff Focused

Enable your IT department and general staff to stay focused on essential operations instead of the intensive decommission/installation tasks.


Whether you need us to decommission old tech, install new tech, or both, we can take on volumes of devices no matter the size of your infrastructure.

Staff Assistance

If you're an IT department or MSP that is short-staffed, or IT support for your establishment is non-existent, we can assist, making the process seamless.

Integrated E-Cycling

Easily integrate our secure and sustainable e-cycling services, so you can recover cash to offset costs, recycle responsibly, and protect data.

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